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A Little History Of The World: Free Videos, Resources For Kids

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Ever since our two-week trip to Athens during the June holidays (will update on that eventually), I’ve been hooked on a book that I bought some years back from Books Actually but never completed, titled A Little History Of The World. (It’s also available on Book Depository, and there’s a new illustrated edition that I’m planning to order for the kids!)

I’ve never been much interested in Western history, or history in general, but I’ve since used the audiobook, the educator’s guide, as well as animated videos, documentaries, and re-enactments to try and better understand the stories in the book, and I now find it quite fascinating!

Here is a list of resources, and I’ll update it as I stumble upon new material. It’s mostly for my own reference, but perhaps it might be useful for you too, if you’re thinking of doing some home learning projects.

A Little History Of The World | pdf, educator’s guide, audiobook, Cathy Duffy review


Chapter 3: The Land By The Nile

Chapter 4: Sunday, Monday

Chapter 5: The One And Only God

Chapter 8: An Unequal Struggle

Chapter 9: Two Small Cities In One Land

Chapter 12: The Greatest Adventure Of All

Chapter 13: New Wars & New Warriors

Chapter 14: An Enemy Of History

Chapter 15: Rulers Of The Western World

Chapter 16: The Good News

Chapter 17: Life In The Empire And At Its Frontiers

Chapter 18: The Storm

Chapter 20: There Is No God But Allah

Chapter 25: Cities And Citizens

  • Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty (episode 1, 2, 3, 4 | Timeline)

Chapter 26: A New Age

  • The Medici: Godfathers Of The Renaissance (episode 1, 2, 3, 4)

Chapter 27: A New World

Chapter 28: A New Faith

Chapter 29: A Church At War

Chapter 31: An Unlucky King And A Lucky King

Chapter 32: Meanwhile, Looking Eastwards

  • The Ottoman Empire (episode 1, 2 | DW)

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